AP US Government Study Guide Website

This website was created to help St. John's School students in preparation for their AP US Government Exam on May 2, 2011. 

So what do you need to do?

Each AP US Government student will become "experts" of two chapters in our classroom textbook, Government By the People (20th edition).  

Last school year (2010), each student in the class was responsible for providing a brief summary of their chapter, the definitions of the key terms, and relevant pictures with captions for each key term.  They created the basis of the website.  

This year, your role will be to EDIT, REVISE, & ADD ON to the website.

Students will sign up for the chapter they would like to cover.   

How will you be graded?

1) Read through and EDIT each definition and key term. 

Make sure the definition is accurate. Are there typos or other grammatical errors? If so, fix it.  Was the font color and style legible? If not, change it so that it can be viewed better.  Could the definition be described in another way that is easier to comprehend? REVISE each key term paragraph to make it clear and relatable. - 3 pts

2) ADD definitions of new key terms. 

There is a high possibility that there are new key terms in your chapter that I added to your list.  Go through your list and make sure your chapter website covers all the key terms. Delete the website key terms that are not on YOUR list. - 2 pts

3) USE the word in a sentence.

Underneath the definition, write a sentence that uses the word in context. - 4 pts  

4) ADD a photo, video, or hyperlink to each key term.  Enhance understanding of each definition by either (choose one of the following):

a) adding another relevant photo WITH a CAPTION or
b) embedding a video WITH a brief explanation of what they'll be watching or
c) adding a hyperlink WITH a brief explanation of what the hyperlink will lead them to (do not link it to "questionable" websites, wikipedia, or a dictionary website) - 4 pts

5) Give a 2 minute presentation of your chapter webpage to the class on the day 

it is due. 

Keep the presentation BRIEF and to the point. Your presentation will be timed, so  stick to the time limit.  Your classmates will look at your website *eventually* on their own time. Present to your classmates the cool stuff you learned while reading and researching and what you did on your page.  - 1 pt

6) Add a SECOND interesting interactive activity on your chapter webpage related 

to your chapter key terms.

Create an activity that will help your classmates study and review the material. Personally, it is better to create multiple choice questions because it is the format of your tests. You can also do fill in the blanks.  - 4 pts 

Total points possible = 17 pts

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